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909 is one of only 3 multiple use areas that allow mountain biking in Mid-Hudson Valley

When it comes to "multiple use areas", very few of them allow mountain biking among their uses. In fact, Taconic Hereford Multiple Use Area is one of only 3 areas in the Mid Hudson Valley that has a trail network that allows mountain biking. The map below shows the DEC Region 3 state forests and multiple use areas, and highlights the 3 areas that allow mountain biking.

Mountain bike groups build and maintain trails that are suitable for a variety of trail users

Mountain bikers are passionate about trail maintenance, sustainability, and stewardship of the natural environment. The idea that mountain bikers are a menace to hikers or horses is as outdated as the idea that snowboarders are a menace to skiers.

That was an image and stereotype that arose in the 1990s and has since passed. When we encounter other trail users, we yield to them and say hi. We don't blaze past people or approach them at speed, and most often, we're going just the same speed as a trail runner as we pedal through the woods.

And because mountain bikers can cover more ground in a day than any other trail user, we keep an eye out for trail maintenance issues and either handle them ourselves (clearing fallen branches, for example) or notify the appropriate land manager to resolve (a fallen tree, or unauthorized off-road vehicle activity).

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