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DEC proposes changes to Taconic Hereford in East of Hudson Unit Management Plan

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The following content is copied from the DEC East of Hudson Unit Management Plan:

Pages 86 - 87

The DEC has requested public comment from New Yorkers on the draft plan.


Taconic Hereford State Forest has two roads that serve as CP-3 access for CP-3 permit holders. Permit holders can use permitted vehicles to travel beyond the reach of public roads to areas where others must hike or bike. The 0.88-mile Brockway Road and the 1.24-mile TSP Road are currently both open for use with 4-wheel drive vehicles by CP-3 permit holders.

Historically, the external gates located by the parking areas on Tyrell Road and the gates near the Taconic State Parkway have remained open year-round and this has led to unrestricted access to interior portions of the property which has resulted in excessive trash and damage to the road system. The high use issues on this property generally occur during the spring and summer months. The Department is proposing seasonal closure of these gates to address the issues related to unrestricted motorized access. Interior portions of the property will remain open and accessible to recreationists by foot and by bicycle during proposed gate closure periods. CP-3 permit holders access will not be impacted by the proposed gate closure periods.

The multi-use trail network that appears on the Recreation and Infrastructure map for the Taconic Hereford property represents the trail network that has been authorized by DEC through a volunteer stewardship agreement between the Department and the Fats in the Cats Mountain biking club. Any trails that are not included on the map have been constructed without prior authorization from the Department. As part of the unit management planning process, the Department is required to engage in a public planning process which includes a public comment period prior to the construction of new trails and other facilities. The goal is to achieve balanced recreational opportunities for all user groups that minimize impacts to natural resources. The Department will work with willing partners to bring the trail network into compliance with Department standards and specifications for multi-use trail networks.

Taconic Hereford State Forest Recreation and Management Proposals

  • Maintain 3 existing parking lots to Department standards and specifications:

  • 2-3 car capacity lot on Pond Gut Rd.

  • 5 car parking on TSP Rd.

  • 5-6 car capacity lot on Taconic State Parkway

  • 5-6 car capacity lot on Tyrell Rd

  • Gates will have combination locks and remain accessible to permit holders with qualifying disabilities and mobility impairments. Gates would be opened for full public access during the hunting season beginning September 1st and remain open through the conclusion of deer season. The gates would be re-opened for the Youth and Regular Spring Turkey season.

  • Collaborate with local interest, volunteer, and community groups to assist with the maintenance of the multi-use trails that are covered under the existing Volunteer Stewardship Agreement with Fats in the Cats. The Department will work with interested volunteers to address portions of the existing trail network on the Taconic Hereford property that were developed without authorization from the Department.

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