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DEC Proposes Closing Six Trails at Taconic Hereford MUA

The latest East of Hudson Unit Management Plan proposes closing several popular trails at the multiple use area.

Trails to be closed:



Mary Murphy

Burn Trail

Outer Gut

Pirate Creek

Trails have been on the DEC's own maps for years

The DEC's own map has several of these trails listed and mapped, going back to at least 2017:

4 of the Top 10 most popular trails are on the list for closure

According to activity logs gathered from app data such as Strava and Trail Forks, 4 of the trails proposed for closure are among the top 10 most popular trails at 909.

Timbuk2 Trail was approved by former Forester Barbara Lucas-Wilson

In September 2009, in coordination with Forester Barbara Lucas-Wilson, Fats In The Cats bicycle club proposed and built what is now the Timbuk2 trail. This was a reroute and closure of 3 logging trails that were plagued with illegal off-road vehicle activity and in poor condition.

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